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2016 Football Diehards Draft Kit & FlashUpdate
The Award Winning Draft Kit & FlashUpdate offers subscribers the most intense, up-to-date, Fantasy-specific news and intelligence available anywhere!

August Updates (Draft Kit)
(8/9 Thru 9/6)
Draft Advice
Training Camp & Preseason News
Team Notes & Injury Reports
Custom Cheat Sheets
Depth Charts
Diehards Draft Tool (DDT)
(DFS) Daily Fantasy Strategies
Mock Drafts
(DFS) Lineup Optimizer
(weekly - 9/7 Thru 12/31)
Team Notes and Injury Reports
Weekly Cheat Sheets / Rankings
24/7 Updates
Depth Charts
Matchup Analysis
Free Agent Advice
Start / Sit
(DFS) Daily Fantasy Advice
(DFS) Lineup Optimizer

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Order All Four 2016 FSP Magazines
We have a saying here at FSP worldwide headquarters: The more the merrier! Do yourself a favor and order all four FSP publications -- the Pro Forecast, CheatSheets, FootballDiehards and DraftBook -- and save yourself some coin. Remember: There's safety in numbers and numbers don't lie.
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2016 Fantasy Football Pro Forecast
Pro Forecast 2013 FSWA Magazine of the year! The 2016 issue features the following items:

Exclusive draft strategy from Daily Fantasy winner as well as articles on the 2016 NFL Coaching Carousel, Strength of Schedule, Fantasy Rookies, an Interview with the FFWC Champ, Draft Strategies, Draft-Day Questions with this year's Top Picks, an Offensive Line Study and IDP Strategies.
(Premium Draft Kit included for FREE) US mailed Cost: $9.00 
(Delivered by July 10th or mailed 2 days after ordered)
2016 Fantasy Football CheatSheets
Pro Forecast Fantasy Football CheatSheets Magazine enters its 19th season after being named Fantasy Football Field's "Magazine Of The Year" in each of its first two seasons. ... And that ain't bad.

Also the CheatSheets won the FSWA 2010 Magazine of the Year Award!
(Premium Draft Kit included for FREE) US mailed Cost: $9.00 
(Delivered by July 25th or mailed 2 days after ordered)
2016 Fantasy Football DraftBook
Pro Forecast The 21st annual DraftBook focuses on the NFL draft and post-draft mini-camps along with details player capsules, stats and an expert Mock Draft.

Also: Experts Poll, Mock Draft Daily Fantasy Tips, Top 200 Overall Cheatsheet, Team Reviews, Position-by-Position Player Profiles (180+ players), Comprehensive Individual stats, Weekly Stats, IDP stats and more as well as articles on Value Picks and Sleepers, Draft Strategies and more!
(Premium Draft Kit included for FREE) US mailed Cost: $9.00 
(Delivered by July 25th or mailed 2 days after ordered)
2016 Fantasy Football Diehards
Pro Forecast The 2016 Football Diehards includes our unique blend of Expert Prognostication, Daily Fantasy advice, Mind-Bending Stats and an assortment of informative and entertaining Fantasy-specific articles. Also articles on impact moves, bargains and busts and draft strategy -- along with player capsules, team report cards, a rookie preview and more!

The Football Diehards is one of the last Fantasy magazines to hit the newsstands each summer and offers news that is more pertinent on your Draft day. I great blend of Fantasy Draft advice and Daily Fantasy Details.
(Premium Draft Kit included for FREE) US mailed Cost: $9.00 
(Delivered by August 2nd or mailed 2 days after ordered)
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