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2017 Football Diehards Draft Kit & FlashUpdate
The Award Winning Online Draft Kit & FlashUpdate offers subscribers the most intense, up-to-date, Fantasy-specific news and intelligence available anywhere!

August Updates (Draft Kit)
(8/8 Thru 9/5)
Custom Cheat Sheets
Draft Advice
Training Camp News
Team Notes & Injury Reports
Depth Charts
Diehards Draft Tool (DDT)
(DFS) Daily Fantasy Strategies
Mock Drafts
(DFS) Lineup Aptimizer
(weekly - 9/6 Thru 2/15/2018)
Team Notes and Injury Reports
Weekly Cheat Sheets / Rankings
24/7 Updates
Depth Charts
Matchup Analysis
Free Agent Advice
Start / Sit
(DFS) Daily Fantasy Advice
(DFS) Lineup Aptimizer

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Moneyback Guarantee: FlashUpdate Week 10 thru Week 17 (Credit Card charge of $9 on Nov. 5th)
(Totaling $27 for the full year)
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